Weather its for a new build or a replacement for an already existing stove or fireplace, you have a few things to consider when choosing your new stove.

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You need to decide on fuel type. Once you know your fuel type you can then consider options like if you require a boiler and consider different styles.

Popular Choice

Multi Fuel Stoves

Solid fuel stoves can greatly reduce your existing fuel bill and improve your homes energy rating. Please check the efficiency of the stove you intend to purchase as this will also effect your fuel bill.

Stoves can operate at 75-80% efficiency while your open fire operates at 15-20% so why are you still literally burning your money up the chimney? Check out our range of freestanding or insert stoves today.

Popular City Choice

Gas Stoves

Conventional flue stoves require an air vent in the room and expel the products of combustion through the flue or chimney. They are usually a simple installation and give an efficient heat output with no fuel to carry in and no ashes or cleaning up when your finished.

Balance flue stoves are designed for use where you have no chimney and require no additional ventilation as they draw the air required for combustion in on an outer pipe and expel the products of combustion through an inner pipe in the flue. Gas stoves offer instant heat at the flick of a switch. Our sales staff can work out your stoves running cost just let us know whether you will be running from a metred supply, bulk tank supply or cylinder supply.

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Electric Stoves

At Sligo Stoves we are finding that an increasing numbers of our customers are looking to mix the style of a traditional solid fuel stove with the convenience and versatility that an electric stove provides.

Below are the brands we currently supply at Sligo Stoves in the range of Electric Stoves. click on a link to view the catalog on the relevent website.

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